The Region’s Voice for the East African Community

While Minnesota boasts tens of thousands of African immigrants, we do not yet speak with a united voice in the business community. Yet, our entrepreneurial spirit is alive, employing thousands from our community and building wealth.

But it seems too hard for many of us. The lack of business leadership, the overwhelming regulations, the underrepresentation in awarded contracts, and no central place for us to gather as businesspeople are all part of the problem.

The EABA is here to solve these challenges.


The EABA provides industry-specific training in healthcare, transportation, technology, and retail. Each month we will host live training sessions led by industry experts.

Our first training session will be a major trucking event during the month of July. Sponsored by Interstate Companies and KLC Financial.

Matt Marrin of the FMCSA will lead a session on safety and new regulations. Session will be moderated by Amani Radman, a logistics expert.

See all training here.


Each month the EABA will host a networking event at a member business.  The owners will have an opportunity to share their story and promote their business. Members are then free to network and develop new relationships.

Members will be notified as dates and locations are confirmed.


United Strategies will represent the EABA at the State Capitol. We know the industries and issues that are important to our members. Each quarter our representatives will meet with our leadership to report on issues of concern. All updates will be posted to the website.

What we are watching:

Minnesota Statute 245
Federal Motor Carriers legislation
Voting rights


Every third Saturday of the month, the EABA will hold a free legal clinic. Lawyers from dozens of law firms will provide free legal advice on topics such as housing, business disputes, minor criminal citations, and bankruptcy.

Representatives from various city and county offices will also participate to help with issues related to permits, property taxes, and licenses.

All sessions will be hosted by our friend Hussein Mohamed at Minnesota Care Counseling in Northeast Minneapolis.

Members will be notified as dates and locations are confirmed.