Training Sessions and Workshops

Training Sessions and Workshops

Get the Practical Advice You Need to Comply with Regulations, Make More Money, and Be Less Stressed

The EABA understands the challenges you face as a business owner. Our highly focused training sessions and workshops are designed to give you practical advice on how to comply with regulations, make more money, and be less stressed.

The EABA also partners with consultants that can provide more intensive services if your business requires more attention.

We have high tech training facilities in St. Louis Park and Blaine. Check back frequently for new seminars and workshops.


Registration: Now open
Dates: August 24, 25, 28, 2023
Location: EABA Training Center, Blaine, MN.

This 5-day training is being led by Amani Radman, a logistics professional and experienced broker. This course includes an intro to the brokerage world, how to get clients, what systems to use, and how to negotiate deals.


Click here to read about adding an extra day of training on negotiating for $500 (purchased separately).

A qualified EABA staff member will complete the FMCSA application and prepare your bond application. Also includes registration of your LLC and securing an EIN number.

Course includes custom contracts for immediate use in your new business.

Click HERE for a complete course outline. Certificate of Certified Training awarded upon successful completion.

Register soon as class size is limited.


Registration: Now Open.
Dates: August 24, 25, 2023
Location: EABA Training Center, Blaine, MN.

Minnesota is home to over 25,000 East African truck drivers. They deliver goods all over the country from warehouses and factories in the Midwest. A dispatcher plays an important role in connecting drivers to suppliers and customers. Over 90% of everything we buy spends time on a truck.

A dispatcher can be their own boss. Not only will we teach you how to do the dispatching work, but we will help you find customers. You can work from anywhere and earn up to $75,000 per year.


Local companies place a high value on the ability to communicate with East African truck drivers. Your language skills are important… and valuable!
You will learn how to:

  • Coordinate. Dispatchers are the coordinators between the driver, the supplier, and the customer.
  • Communicate. You will learn how to speak with drivers and logistics professionals both digitally and by phone.
  • Track. Dispatchers use software systems to track shipments to make sure they arrive on time.
  • Problem Solve. Sometimes drivers have mechanical issues, or suppliers are not ready with shipments. You’ll learn how to solve these kinds of problems.
  • Negotiate. Dispatchers make money by taking a percentage of every shipment. They negotiate the fees between the supplier and the driver. The better you are at negotiating the more money you make. Our training with teach you to be the best negotiator possible.

Our lead trainer is Amani Radman, CEO of Malao Logistics, an experienced logistics professional. Amani earned her degree in Logistics from Portland State University. She has worked for Boeing and Columbia Sportswear.

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